The term “hipster” still perplexes me, and reminds me of my second year of college lesson on postmodern art. My professor referred to “postmodernism” as the inexplicable existence of what comes after whatever we think came before. Hipster is what everyone else isn’t. Right? Friends have tried to put “hipster” into context for me, but to this day I can’t seem to pin the term to much more than a way of eating your quinoa, or sporting your moustache, or wearing your grandmother’s sweater.

But if you are, indeed, an authentic hipster…I must thank you. For you might be indeed, saving the planet.

For the past two years, I have been clothing myself with thrift shop, clothing swap, any used find that wasn’t total slop. All of this to settle my conscious. Every since I opened my eyes to the ugly truth behind the fashion industry and the clothes we wear, I find it difficult to shop at the mall. “Fast fashion” means clothing cheaply made to keep up with the fashion trends, ignoring basic human rights in the process. Let’s not forget the ecological devastation fast fashion causes. The garment industry is the second most polluting industry in the world! It’s no wonder we don’t ask polar bears to review Gap’s new collection launch.

I still love to shop when I need to, but I’ve been doing it differently. Not only has it saved me a pretty penny, but I can actually look trendy thanks to the rising levels of hipster fashion.

Fast fashion brands have done a good job at keeping up with the hipster craze. I try not to smirk when I pass by the Top Shop window as the model sports my “grandmother’s sweater” for a whopping $95. Yes, malls are still buzzing and shoppers are still trying to find a way to look as though they went thrift shopping without breaking the bank. Well, I’m here to say it; you can simply go thrift shopping.
Hipsters, whomever you may be, I hope you continue thrifting with such panache. The way we buy our clothing matters more than ever,  and buying secondhand is a small but significant vote towards our future. Don’t worry, we can make saving the planet with our clothes cool, before it becomes cool.