Who doesn’t like feeling like a princess once in a while? I’d like to royally introduce you to a brand that is seriously making waves in helping preserve the environment of the beautiful kingdom we live in. Creators Kim Clark and Gabrielle Therrien started a jewelry brand that is total absolute garbage.

Yes, you read that right. Cinderella Garbage is the result of the brilliant idea of transforming garbage into stunning black hand-sculpted contemporary diamonds!

Get this. All the garbage sitting and rotting in landfills is actually a heap of delicate hand-sculpted jewellery of upmost finesse just waiting to be transformed! I’m almost tempted to bring up the caterpillar and butterfly metaphor, but I’ll spare you.

Cinderella Garbage jewelry is the product of anything and everything in your garbage. Without getting too scientific here, there exists a process called “waste valorization” that melts garbage at 2912 degrees Fahrenheit and pressurize the waste to its simplest form; a black translucent shiny block of melted garbage. It’s then polished, hand-sculpted and voila! A “diamond” placed on a gold or silver chain that is so beautifully ecological! Each stone is entirely unique, depending on what kind of garbage was melted. My exquisite string cheese wrapper garbage earrings might look slightly different from the melted 3D glasses that were thrown out after the Avenger’s movie that now make up your fabulous pendant.

Even though the stone is black, it is probably the greenest “diamond” you could ever find! Not to mention it is as durable and hard as quartz. Unexpectedly classy and totally worthy to be worn by the modern princess.

Let’s just say this brand won’t be running out of materials any time soon. But the ladies behind the Cinderella Garbage brand certainly don’t want to be promoting the growth of these garbage dumps- on the contrary, they are providing us with a creative and stylish way to manage our waste. Who knew that trash could be a girl’s best friend!

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