Laura Francois is a Canadian community engager, storyteller and impact strategist focused on the social impact space in Canada, India, Malaysia, Cambodia and Singapore. Laura’s dedication to understanding real human stories around the world and mapping systems for environmental and social change. Starting as a human centered designer working the sustainable and ethical fashion space in Asia, Laura focuses on collaboratively designing circular economy models – dedicated to exploring new ways of thinking about systemic environmental problems.

A graduate from the University of Pennsylvania’s Social Impact Strategy Diploma, HIVE Global Leader Member, and UNLEASH Global Talent, Laura combines her focus on development, design and effective altruism in challenging others to think holistically about impact.

The founder of art based impact project, Clothing The Loop and country coordinator of global non-profit, Fashion Revolution in Singapore, Laura is a leading voice in Asia empowering communities and organizations to connect the dots between social and environmental impact. Since 2013, Laura has focused on the garment industry and its systemic effects on local populations in Southeast Asia, co-founding the artisan based social enterprise Artisan & Fox, and impact design studio ANEWKIND.

Laura’s unique approach to cross-sector collaboration drives bold examples in redefining sustainability, and engaging communities in forging positive change through exploration and creation.

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